Iowa Falls Rugby Football Club wins big against Bremer

October 9, 2016

Iowa Falls Rugby continued their League competition by hosting the Bremer County second side at the local pitch on October 8. Bremer County quickly opened scoring in the first five minutes with a try to lead 0-7. Craig Pruismann responded with an Iowa Falls try to knot the score at 7-7. Bremer continued to break through the Iowa Falls defense to push the score to 7-19 at the mid point of the first half. Iowa Falls wing Chris Pruismann then went on a scoring rampage of 4 tries with one added by his brother Craig Pruismann to give Iowa Falls Rugby a comfortable lead 40-19 at the half. Second half scoring by Iowa Falls Rugby continued with a early dash by Craig Pruismann followed by 2 tries by Tim Willet and one each by Justin Liekweg, Cesar Guevara, and Jordan Picht. Justin Liekweg had 7 conversions for the match. The final Iowa Falls tally was 74-29. Iowa Falls Rugby travels to Mason City October 15 for the final League match. Iowa Falls currently leads our League competition.